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ISP snoops on your browsing – resolved

Isp spy

In the United States, every American can now monitor, record, and sell private browsing history to third parties and advertisers through an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

In the UK and Australia, Internet service providers are forced to record each person’s browsing history and then store it in a huge government database.

You are now living in a legal, large-scale surveillance world where almost all online work is tracked, monitored and recorded. To make matters worse, there is almost no difference between business and government oversight.

In short, there are many entities working hard to monitor all the actions you perform online and to record your private data.

Are you protecting yourself?

A good VPN protects your privacy

VPNs can be a good privacy tool if used correctly (virtual private network). But be careful to avoid known problems with VPNs and more and more VPN scams. Like all industries, the VPN market has its own bad Apple!

But a good VPN can be said to be the best privacy tool – here is how it protects your online.

One way to use a VPN is to install it on a router. It may seem complicated, but through our VPN router guide   and the information below, it’s actually very simple. This setting encrypts, protects, and protects every device connected to the network .

VPN router ISP spy
Using VPN on a router is the easiest and most effective way to protect every device on the network. This setting extends the benefits of VPN to all of your devices – eliminating the need to install VPN software separately on each device. The trick to this setup is to use the right router and a good VPN.

When using VPN on a router, your ISP can only see that you are connected to a secure encryption server. Only. All your data will be encrypted and protected. (For more information, see the Best VPN Router Guide.)

Step 1: Find a good VPN

The biggest trick to finding a good VPN is to avoid all bad VPNs, but to focus on overall quality. The prices of the following VPNs vary, but they are an excellent choice for privacy and security. These VPNs pass all privacy and security testing and are located within good privacy jurisdiction:

  • Perfect privacy  – $ 9.70; based in Switzerland
  • VPNArea  – $4.92; based in Bulgaria
  •  – $4.80; based in Romania

My personal recommendation in the list above is perfect privacy. It offers state-of-the-art privacy and security features, a powerful ad and tracking interceptor (TrackStop), and allows an unlimited number of connections with your subscription.

Step 2: Select a VPN-enabled router

The only router brand I have found that offers a large number of VPN-ready routers is Asus . Although not all ASUS routers support VPN, many can configure OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP in a few minutes. The following ASUS routers support VPN with built-in ASUSWRT firmware:

ASUS RT-N66U (600 Mhz) 
ASUS AC1750 (RT-AC66U) (600 Mhz) 
ASUS AC1900 (RT-AC68U) (800 Mhz, dual core) 
ASUS RT-AC87U (1,000 Mhz – dual core) 
ASUS RT-AC3200 (1,000 Mhz – Dual Core) 
ASUS RT-AC3100 (1,400 Mhz – Dual Core) 
ASUS RT-AC88U (1,400 Mhz – Dual Core) 
ASUS RT-AC5300 (1,400 Mhz – Dual Core)

Tip : When using a VPN, the router will process the encrypted data from the VPN server. You will need a higher CPU, especially if you want faster speeds and plan to use multiple devices simultaneously with the VPN connection. Therefore, 800 Mhz or higher is a good idea. (For more instructions on VPN routers and speeds, see here.)

For more discussion on these different router models, check out the   VPN Router   Guide.

Step 3: Set up VPN on the router

VPN Router - Settings -1
After your ASUS router arrives, you can complete all settings in about 20 minutes. You can easily achieve privacy and security across your entire network.

Once you have the Asus VPN Ready Router, you can use this guide to set everything up:

VPN Router Settings – Simple Guide

Tip : If you use full privacy to set this up, you can activate TrackStop   ads, tracking and malware blocking programs, which will protect your entire network and all your devices. Please check this setup guide here:

Ad Interceptor on Router with VPN (Perfect Privacy)

With one of these options, the setup time is approximately 20 minutes. Both guides provide step-by-step instructions for the screenshots.

Step 4: Enjoy your privacy and security

Although this solution may seem complicated at first, it is actually very simple. Unlike many other VPN router options, the ASUS router lineup above makes setup quick and easy. If you want to connect some devices via VPN, you can also use a regular (unencrypted) network at the same time, or you can use both new and old routers.

Choosing one of the five VPN services listed above will also give you speed, security and reliability – a combination that most VPNs cannot provide.

Benefits of VPN Router Settings  – VPN routers have the following advantages:

  • Your ISP will not be able to see anything you do online (all data will be encrypted).
  • You will be protected from government regulation (especially if you use strong encryption and other best privacy practices).
  • Your network will be attacked by a third party (hacker).
  • Your IP and address and location will be replaced with the IP address and location of the VPN server you are connecting to.
  • Simply change the connected VPN server and you can access anything online – from geo-restricted media to blocked websites.
  • With this setting, you can use Perfect Privacy VPN to block malicious and dangerous ads across the entire network.

While the overall trend of global network privacy loss is certainly worrying, there is some good news. You don’t have to give up your privacy.

The tools provided in this guide are simple and powerful solutions that restore your privacy and protect all your devices.

be careful!

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