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NeuroRouting – a dynamic multi-hop VPN for maximum security

Neuroviral vpn

With the continuous advancement of global monitoring technology, do you think your VPN is still safe?

In 2013, Snowden uncovered a glimpse of our rapidly expanding global surveillance. Now, more than four years later, we can safely assume that these capabilities and capabilities have increased dramatically. Governments around the world continue to invest significant resources in monitoring technology, Internet censorship and large-scale data retention.

Some VPNs address these threats through stronger encryption, better applications, and advanced features such as multi-hop VPNconfigurations. Similar to the Tor network, a multi-hop VPN chain (cascading) will encrypt traffic across multiple VPN servers (hops) before exiting to the regular Internet .

A basic vulnerability in basic VPN settings is that the server can be monitored externally – whether it is local or remote.

An attacker can target a specific server and match incoming and outgoing IP addresses. In addition, it is well known that the authorities will seize the server. A VPN service even admitted to using WireShark to  sniff traffic on US servers to capture hackers (

This is a disadvantage of using only one static server between you and the regular (unencrypted) Internet .

Vpn server monitoring
An attacker can be the target of a VPN server.

However, multi-hop VPN cascading is a powerful tool for this situation because it hides incoming and/or outgoing traffic for each successive hop. This is more useful when multi-hop cascading is self-configurable, allowing you to modify the network path of traffic (both Perfect Privacy and ZorroVPN provide this feature).

We have already discussed the importance of using multi-hop VPNs, but recently this concept has made a major breakthrough.

NeuroRouting VPN

In October 2017, after several months of development and testing, Perfect Privacy announced the release of its   NeuroRouting feature .

Although conceptualization is a bit complicated, NeuroRouting is basically a dynamic, synchronous, server-side, multi-hop VPN setup . This feature allows you to dynamically route all traffic using the entire VPN server network. This may sound a bit complicated, so we will break it down a bit:

  • Dynamic  – Your Internet traffic is dynamically routed across multiple hops in your VPN server network to take the most secure route. The routing path is based on TensorFlow, an open source software for machine learning that keeps data on the network for as long as possible. Based on TensorFlow, the network continuously learns the best and most secure route for a given website/server.
  • At the same time  – each website/server you visit will have a unique path. Accessing multiple different websites will provide each website with multiple unique multi-hop configurations and IP addresses.
  • Server Side  – This feature is activated on the server side, which means that NeuroRouting will be active each time you access the VPN network (unless you disable it from the member dashboard). This also means it can run on any device – from routers to Mac OS and Android. Finally, NeuroRouting works with OpenVPN (any configuration) and IPSec / IKEv2 (built-in configuration for Mac OS and iOS).

In the figure below, the user connects to the Reykjavik, Iceland VPN server with NeuroRouting enabled.

Perfect privacy neurology
NeuroRouting is in action.

VPN users are accessing four different websites hosted in the US, Panama, Bulgaria and China. Each website uses a different encrypted multi-hop route through the network. The user will simultaneously broadcast a different IP address for each website, corresponding to the last server in the chain.

NeuroRouting settings

Activating the NeuroRouting feature is very simple.

You only need to activate it from the Perfect Privacy Member Area >>

Neural routing vpn service
NeuroRouting is only enabled in the member area.

When this feature is enabled, it will be activated for approximately three minutes throughout the network .

Since then, NeuroRouting will be active whenever it connects to the Perfect Privacy VPN server. This applies to all available protocols (OpenVPN and IPSec) and all supported devices.

NeuroRouting may not be suitable for the following situations:

  • When you want to use an IP address in a specific location.
  • When you want to use a specific server to maximize speed (for example, when in a bay).

NeuroRouting test

I have this created a NeuroRouting test page.

Nerve test

This test page shows embedded IP address testing sites from around the world. With NeuroRouting enabled, you will broadcast different IP addresses for each different site .

NeuroRouting Conclusion

One of the biggest advantages of this feature is that it now offers a simple and powerful multi-hop configuration for all users .

Prior to the release of this feature, the multi-hop VPN chain was only available through the VPN Manager application on Windows and Linux. But now, this provides a simple, highly secure dynamic multi-hop VPN for Mac OS, iOS and Android users.

As a quick review, here are the NeuroRouting advantages described on the Perfect Privacy website:

  • Select the VPN server closest to the destination
  • Keep traffic in an encrypted VPN network for as long as possible
  • External VPN IP varies by destination
  • In the best case, traffic is not exposed to the Internet at all.
  • The number of attack points is greatly reduced
  • Tracking users is more difficult
  • Dynamic: If the route changes, the algorithm will learn and react

For a detailed overview of all the perfect privacy features, check out the in-depth Perfect Privacy Review or visit their website >>

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