The cheapest VPN service in 2019

Finding a good cheap VPN service can be very challenging.

Of course, there are many cheap and inexpensive VPNs on the market, but price cuts are usually accompanied by:

  • Reduced security : IP address leaks, DNS leaks, and dysfunctional termination switches
  • Reduced performance : slow speed and poor reliability

Sorting all noise can be challenging if you want cheap VPNs to work well and keep your data safe. In this guide, we will introduce a cheap VPN service that meets the following criteria:

  1. Less than $4 per month
  2. Performed well in the test
  3. Have a good reputation and a good record

let’s start!

What is the cheapest VPN?

The cheapest VPN in 2019 was NordVPN . It provides the best value for your money with secure and reliable applications, a large server network, good performance and some excellent privacy features. The price of a 75% discount coupon is only $2.99 ​​per month – one of the cheapest VPNs on the market.

There are also other very cheap VPN services that we will check below – all of which are less than $4 a month.

Now we will delve into each cheap VPN service in order of ranking.

Here are the cheapest VPN services in 2019:

1. NordVPN – the cheapest VPN service ($2.99/month)

NordVPN has always been one of the best VPN services in many different categories . It provides secure and reliable applications, good speed and some great privacy features. These features include dual VPN servers, Tor-over-VPN servers and Cyber ​​Sec ad blocking. NordVPN is also well-suited for Panama-based privacy and is one of the few proven logless VPN providers.

If you need a cheap VPN for hosting and watching Netflix or other streaming services, NordVPN is an excellent all-round option. Each subscription offers a 30-day money back guarantee , and if you need any help, they also offer 24/7 live chat support.

Despite the full-featured VPN with good performance, NordVPN is still very cheap, only $2.99/month.


  • User friendly and reliable application
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Double-hop VPN server; Tor-over-VPN server
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • No log
  • For Netflix and other streaming services
  • Very competitive price of $2.99 ​​per month
  • Cyber ​​Sec ad blocking feature


  • Some servers are slower

2. – Security-centric VPN is also very cheap ($3.75/month) is a cheap VPN service in Romania with a good track record. With, you get very secure and reliable applications, numerous encryption options, secure browser extensions and dual VPN servers for a higher level of privacy and security. The entire network of consists of dedicated bare metal servers with high bandwidth channels.

As I discussed in the comments on , one small drawback is that they retain connection logs for security and network optimization. Fortunately, this connection data does not include activities (browsing) and is automatically deleted every day because they are clearly   stated on the website . For trusted, security-centric VPNs that deliver superior performance and functionality, has a good value for two years at a discounted price .


  • Dedicated bare metal server with self-hosted encrypted DNS
  • Excellent speed and plenty of available bandwidth
  • Multi-hop (dual VPN) server configuration (18)
  • The obfuscation feature has many different encryption options
  • Secure proxy browser extension


  • Minimum connection log (but erased every day )


3. VPNArea – a comprehensive and inexpensive VPN ($2.99/month)

An excellent cheap VPN service is VPNArea. Although it may not receive the attention of other big-name VPN services, VPNArea does a very good job in terms of performance and privacy features. It is a non-log VPN provider in Bulgaria, which is an excellent privacy. The VPNArea application leverages powerful encryption and good leak protection.

In addition to privacy and security, VPNArea also handles streaming media well. It is the best VPN for the Netflix guide, providing a dedicated streaming hub for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other services. No matter where you are, VPNArea is a solid choice for hosting and P2P downloads.

The three-year discount rate is only $2.99 ​​per month.


  • Excellent speed and reliability
  • Suitable for Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other streaming services
  • Powerful security features with self-hosted DNS
  • Ad blocking
  • Provide a private IP address
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Netflix streaming servers are limited (but still working)


4. VyprVPN – a reliable and inexpensive VPN ($3.75 per month)

Next up is VyprVPN, a cheap VPN service based in Switzerland. VyprVPN is a logless VPN provider that provides simple and reliable applications for all major operating systems and devices. It performed very well in test evaluation and provided many excellent features.

VyprVPN is a good choice if you need a Chinese VPN, or any other location where the VPN may be blocked. Their proprietary Chameleon protocol is designed to overcome network limitations by obscuring VPN traffic to regular HTTPS encryption. VyprVPN is a simple, high-performance VPN service at a very reasonable price.


  • Abnormal speed of the entire server network
  • Safe and reliable application
  • Confusion function can block VPN blocking (Chameleon protocol)
  • Fully self-operated and operated server network, including secure DNS (no third party)
  • User-friendly application for many devices/platforms


  • No cryptocurrency payment option
  • The basic plan does not include the chameleon (confusion) agreement

5. Private Internet access – cheap, but based on the US ($3.49 per month)

The last cheap VPN list is Private Internet Access  – or PIA for short. The PIA has been around for a long time and is another proven logless VPNservice. It provides a simple and reliable VPN application at a very reasonable price with good performance.

One disadvantage of private internet access is that it is located in the United States (five eyes), which is not a good privacy. However, some people may not care much about this because the PIA does not keep any logs. If you want a cheap and minimal VPN service and you don’t mind US jurisdiction, the PIA may be worth considering.


  • Low price ( $3.49 per month )
  • No log
  • Some decent security and privacy features
  • Ad blocker (but very small)


  • Headquartered in the United States


Cheap VPN service: Choose carefully!

When choosing a cheap VPN service, you really need to be careful.

As more and more people turn to VPN to protect privacy, security and online freedom, there are many dark and unknown VPNs on the market. Just some of the problems that plague cheap VPN services:

  • Traffic leaks  – Many cheap VPNs do not provide adequate leak protection. One example is PureVPN, which I found to have IP address leaks and DNS leaks.
  • Functional damage  – Many inexpensive VPN services have promotional features that don’t work. In my comment on VPN Unlimited, I found that the kill switch on Mac OS applications often fails and exposes the user’s IPv6 address, making the VPN useless.
  • Data Collection  – Some cheap and free VPN services collect data and sell it to third parties for profit. Betternet is one of them.

The point here is to be careful when choosing a cheap VPN service. If you are already using a cheap VPN, you may need to read the privacy policy carefully and run it through a different VPN test site to see if everything is ok.

Cheap VPN service with free VPN service

Some people who want to save money may want to use the free VPN service. This is usually a bad idea because it raises two important questions:

  1. What is the business model of free VPN?
  2. How does free VPN cover the cost of application development, support and server hosting?

The answers to these two questions are usually as follows: Free VPNs monetize users by collecting and selling data to third parties .

There are many different risks when using the free VPN service, which is discussed in the free VPN guide. These include malware, spyware, browser hijacking, stolen bandwidth, fraud and third-party access to your private data.

If there is something free, you might be the product (but a free trial of the VPN service might be worth considering).

Cheap VPN through discounts

As mentioned above, some of these VPN services offer discounts and coupons.

VPN coupons and discounts are a great way to ensure cheap VPN services without breaking the bank. While many VPNs are quite expensive and don’t offer any major discounts or coupons, some offer some great deals. In addition to the above NordVPN coupons, there is an ExpressVPN coupon that can be used for free for three months, although it is not on the list because it exceeds $4 per month.

How about the update price?

Many cheap VPN services offer consistently low prices, with the same renewal price as the sales price (no change). However, others may renew a higher price at the end of the first billing cycle. An example of this is ExpressVPN, which subscribes to higher prices for an annual subscription that expires in three years of free coupons.

Be sure to read the details of the transaction you are registering so that there are no surprises.

Expensive VPN compared to cheap VPN

With a cheap VPN, can you get the price you pay?

The short answer is: it depends . The key issue here is the value: the money you get.

Some VPNs are very expensive, such as Perfect Privacy, which costs about $10 a month. On the other hand, it is a free VPN service, and these services are not worth the risk at all.

Cheap VPNs occupy an intermediate position and provide great value for your money. In other words, you can still get a pretty good VPN without breaking the bank.

After all, the best recommendation for the cheapest VPN is NordVPN, which is currently ranked 2nd in the best VPN reports.

Conclusion Cheap and cheap VPN services

To summarize this guide, here is a comparison of the cheapest VPN services in 2019. Of course, there are other cheap and cheap VPNs, but the following criteria meet the following criteria:

  1. Less than $4 per month
  2. Performed well in the test
  3. Have a good reputation and a good record

At the end of the day, you don’t have to spend too much money online to get more privacy and security. Cheap VPN services will get the job done and have more money.

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